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Choates General Contracting believes that we have a responsibility and stewardship to ensure future generations have a safe, clean environment for which to live in.  Green Building is just one way in that we can minimize our impact on the environment

Going green used to be only accepted and embraced in the fringes of society, but now commercial buildings, residential homes and modern skyscrapers are being built using this approach. A Green Building is a residential home, commercial building, or other structure that is designed, built, maintained, repaired, or even demolished with thought and concern to the environmental impact. 

If you think that Green Buildings have to be ugly, then you couldn't be more wrong. The truth is that the appearance of most Green Buildings are indistinguishable from any other building. It isn't the design of a structure that makes it Green, it is in the approach and materials that are used to minimize the impact on our environment.

A structure does not have to be new in order to be a Green Building. Steps can be taken to convert and update an older building, utilizing Green approaches and materials. In today's economy, with keen focuses on budgets, it is important to understand that Green is not an all-or-nothing approach.  The fact is that any building can become "greener".  Even the smallest changes can make a positive impact on our environment.

Choates General Contracting believes that Green buildings are not only good for our environment, but they can also provide both immediate and long-term economic benefits for developers, building owners and occupants. Green buildings are more energy efficient, less costly to maintain, and have a higher tenant rate than comparable buildings that have yet to embrace the Green approach. Home resale figures a concern of yours? Green residential home have a higher resale value than comparable "non-green" homes. A green home or commercial building reduces water consumption, heating bills, and may qualify for tax rebates, tax credits, zoning allowances, or other perks.  It makes both environmental and economic sense to consider going Green.

Some ways that Choates General Contracting delivers Green alternatives:
  • Utilizing Solar Energy
  • Installation of high-efficiency lighting and appliances
  • Removing toxic materials, such as asbestos
  • Reduction in Water Consumption
  • Using environmentally friendly materials
  • Landscaping

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