Independence from Rising Electricity Prices

Electricity prices are set to dramatically increase due to deregulation.  This means higher utility bills for you!  Declare your independence by installing solar panels for your home or business. Once your solar energy system is installed, you no longer have to worry about rising electricity prices for the portion of your electricity that you generate yourself. Imagine the savings over the next decade if electricity rates continue to rise.  You don't have to pay their increases!

Your Own "Green" Power Plant

We know that going "Green" is good for our earth.  The reduction in the use of fossil fuels and other non-sustainable resources, or lessoning our dependence on oil are good for the long-term health of our planet.  With the installation of solar panels on your roof or property, you transform your building from just another house or office into a "green" power plant, generating clean efficient energy year round. 

Energy Savings

Having solar panels can reduce your electric bills significantly. Every watt-hour of electricity produced by your solar energy system  is one less watt-hour you have to buy from your local utility company. If your solar energy system can generate 70% of the electricity needed to power your home, you effectively reduce your electric bill by 70%.  

If your solar energy system can generate more electricity than you use, then you will actually be paid by the utility company for the excess power.  Imagine receiving a check instead of a bill!!!

In addition, the installation of Solar panels is guaranteed to increase the value of your home.  Not only do you benefit from lower energy bills, but your home will be worth more if and when you want to sell. 

Take advantage of tax incentives now!  Call Choates General Contracting to schedule a free home analysis.  We'll let you know what type of system can be installed on your home or commercial building.  When you decide to move forward, we'll handle the entire project from start to finish.

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